• Michaele Goodman, Psychologist , New York - USA.


    I have studied with Thuy for three years. She is a great teacher-smart, patient, kind, and thank goodness she has a sense of humor.

    We have worked on reading, writing and speaking Vietnamese language and culture. She has made learning this difficult language a joy.

    July 2013


    Peter WR Dale, Business Consultant - Querent International, Sydney - Australia.

    I have found studying with Vietnamese Tutorial via Skype the most effective way to learn Vietnamese. It is very easy to make progress, and also a lot of fun.

    In quite a short time, I was able to use simple phrases and sentences, and improved steadily. My teacher, Ms. Thuy, is very patient and experienced, and always teaches at a pace that I can handle.

    Previously I had attended Vietnamese classes in Sydney, but had found these to be quite inconvenient and also not very effective.

    With Vietnamese Tutorial, I have a lesson with a native speaker without leaving my desk. I can see and hear clearly using Skype, so it is just like being in Ho Chi Minh City for the duration of the lesson, without any travelling time.

    Also, Ms Thuy types any new words into Skype, so after the lesson I have a personal vocab list from a real Vietnamese conversation.

    I would recommend Vietnamese Tutorial to anybody who wants to study Vietnamese.

    Aug 2013

    Julie Wagner, Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Connecticut - USA.

    A few years ago, my husband and I wanted to learn a little conversational Vietnamese for a trip to Viet Nam that we were planning. We were not sure what to expect when we started skyping with Vietnamese Tutorial.

    But it is a great experience! Our teacher, Thuy, is a great teacher - smart and skilled and patient with us. She is very kind and her English is quite good. She taught us vocabulary, grammar, kinship terms, and most importantly for Vietnamese, pronunciation.

    She uses good text books, recommends helpful dictionaries, and has lots of fun interactive conversational activities. It is truly incredible to have the opportunity to work with a native speaker in our own home at times that were convenient for us, and at a very affordable rate.

    Using PayPal is so easy and secure which is a plus when working internationally. We have made several trips to Viet Nam, and I feel more confident as a traveler because of the communication skills I learned from her.

    We even got to meet her while we were in Viet Nam! We continue to take lessons from her, and our Vietnamese continues to improve. Cam on Vietnamese Tutorial : ).

    Jan 2013


    Jolanda Belles, English teacher at AMA Dalat-Vietnam, Country of origin: The Netherlands

    I have studied Vietnamese online with Vietnamese Tutorial for nearly 2 years now. I started before moving to Vietnam and continued ever since.

    Video conferencing in Skype is a perfect medium for language teaching, it has all you need for one-on-one sessions: the sound, the visual, the writing in the chat.

    I am independent in my daily life and although I'm still a foreigner, it feels like being a normal citizen in Vietnam.

    Classes with teacher Thuy Nguyen are always enjoyable and meaningful. Thanks to Vietnamese Tutorial.

    Sep 2013

    Natalia Nyrova, International Legal Adviser, Khabarovsk - Russia.

    Good day, everyone! I am Natalia from Russia (the Far East, Khabarovsk). I have been studying Vietnamese online with Ms. Thuy about a year already. I think, we have already achieved great results.

    It is a pity that I am a very busy person and do not have much time for doing hometasks or additional exercises.

    Otherwise, we could achieve better results and success. But we are keeping study Vietnamese step by step,repeating topics and grammar again and again.

    Thuy is very patient with me. I appreciate it most of all. I know that it is very hard to teach adults because they are always very busy, do not have much time but do have a lot of problems and urgent affairs.

    And I like Thuy's patience and her responsibility. She is always on time and kind-hearted even if I am not ready completely or extremely tired or in a bad mood.

    So, I have not had an idea so far to give up learning Vietnamese. I know that you can get some result in learning foreign languages if you are patient and persistent.

    Otc 2013